Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Not much new to report. Alex is still in the PICU but will most likely be moved to another floor today. The RSV is kicking her butt the past few days and with the UTI and surgery on top of that, she is worn out. She's also feeling hungry as she hasn't eaten since Wednesday evening. Since she is a nose breather and so congested, she can't seem to breathe and eat at the same time. She's getting what she needs from the IV but her poor little tummy is empty and she's not very happy about that. They plan to put a feeding tube into her stomach today so hopefully she will tolerate her feeds that way.

Keep the prayers coming and as always, we love to hear from you :)


Anonymous said...

Lots and lots of prayers.
Happy Valentines Day to all 3 of you.
Nana Carol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates!

Definitely praying for you guys...



Anonymous said...

Happy first Valentines Day Alex. By this time next year she will be running around eating chocolates and suckers. Ha ha! Glad things are going good! You are all still in my thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Hope she gets better each hour!! she is so strong!
~Auntie Natalie

Anonymous said...

Was so glad to hear that Alex is doing so well, she has been through so much. GOD certanily knew what He was doing when he chose the two of you to be her parents. Waiting to hear more good news.Love the 3 of you
Grandma Gordon