Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The evening post

It seems to be a good night. I (Jimmy) have been working long hours and it's good to come in to a calm baby. Nic tells me they've had a pretty good day, and that they're actually changing settings on the vent - with good responses. They may try to do a little test on her tonight to see how she does with the vent off (w/o actually removing it). But she may need to be more awake for that - so we're not exactly getting our hopes up yet.

But any little bit of progress is very exciting for us. The biggest hope for us is that she'll be off the machine soon so we can hold her. If you're a parent, you know how important it is to be able to hold your child close to you. We're patiently waiting for that moment.

In the mean time - if you have a child (of holding age), be sure to take advantage of it. Give him/her a big hug - and say a prayer of thanks.


Anonymous said...

You'll be holding her in no time hang in there, God is FAITHFUL!!! Cyn GW

Anonymous said...

Awesome that she had a good day. Hugs and prayers for all three of you Diffee's.
Nana Carol

Anonymous said...

It seems like the sun is trying to come out from the clouds. Im sure its hard to be patient with something like holding your own child. Keep on keepin on :)
~Auntie Natalie

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear some good news--keep those arms open and ready, I'm sure she'll be in there soon.

Krista and Eric

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with all of three of you..