Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's absolutely beautiful and the weather is perfect in Denver this time of year. Why does it have to go by so fast? We took all these photos this weekend and we've been so busy it's been the first time we've been out to play.

We managed to squeeze in 3 out of state trips this past month. Actually, one of them I went to visit my old roommate in Cali for a girls weekend and Jimmy had a boys weekend in Ft. Collins. Alex hung out with her Auntie and Grandma while we were gone. We were home for a few days and then flew out to Tulsa for a week to be with family and friends. As you saw from our last post, Bud (Jimmy's step dad) was shot and killed during a robbery at the restaurant he worked at. It was a blessing to have the entire family together (and it's a BIG family) and witness the beautiful acts of kindness and blessings that often come after a tragedy like this one. It was bittersweet as we celebrated and mourned a life simply cut too short for such a senseless crime. After we returned home, we took off shortly to a weekend wedding in Ft. Wayne. Guess we had to get in all our plane trips before the big 2 comes up and we have to buy Alex her own plane ticket.

Alex has been in good health and although she has not grown very much she is sure turning into a little toddler. She has actually grown a little length wise but has lost most of her baby fat. She is getting so skinny (no weight gain in a year) so we are working on putting some meat on her. I'm sure Alex won't mind getting some homemade creamy mac and cheese instead of lean chicken with veggies for dinner :) She's doing more signs and saying hi to everybody she sees, even if it's on TV. It's too cute. I think she is preparing to be a big sister even though she doesn't know it yet. Yep, we are expecting a little girl this September. We are very excited!

The Diffees