Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mom in a sweet yellow gown

People requested more pics w/us in here's a glamor shot. Since Alex has RSV, which is highly contagious, we all have to dress up in HazMat suits to get close to her.


Nic said...

I did not know Jimmy took this pic of me and he's in big trouble for posting it.

Anonymous said...

But you look pretty in yellow.
Nana Carol

Anonymous said...

I think this is an amazing picture!!!! =)


Anonymous said...

Alex looks so good! She's a strong baby girl. I can't wait to see her beautiful smile and know she's feeling better. Nicole, you do look good in yellow! Please don't hurt Jimmy.

Anonymous said...

The comment at 7:51 is from me.... mom

yzerman said...

Wow, what an eventful day. Kerri, Zoe, and I are praying hard for you. Carol called me on my cell today, which I interpreted as serious. We are so glad that the initial reports are positive. Zoe can't wait to see her friend Alex again in good health and good spirits! We'll follow the blog more diligently and post our support.

We love you all!

Andy, Kerri, and Zoe

Anonymous said...

You've all been on my mind and in my prayers today. Will be down tomorrow to see you.
Love You All,
Aunt Lisa