Sunday, August 3, 2008

To shunt or not to shunt

Sorry...that's a terrible title. But it works I guess. That's the next big step for us. All the docs and nurses in the NICU are expecting the shunt. They've scheduled her last feeding at 6:30am, and they plan to go ahead & start an IV to get fluids in her a couple hours after that. All this and Dr. Handler hasn't even made the call yet. But surgery is a significant procedure, and if it is to happen at 3pm (as currently scheduled) then they need to have her ready. So I guess it seems more likely than not. But Handler should be weighing in tomorrow AM, and guess we'll know for sure then.

So we wait...


travis said...

We're here with you.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to you three! Still praying that it is not to shunt. But I know that it is Gods hand now as it has always been. Know that you are in my prays.

Love to All THREE

Cheri said...

Jimmy & Nicole,

I hadn't posted yet, because I just haven't known what to say. Please know that we are thinking of you, and checking for updates and good news throughout every day.
Anna said: "That Jimmy has a beautiful baby. She will grow up to be big & strong."
I know that she will!
You are in our thoughts & prayers,
Dave, Cheri & Anna

casey said...

Hang in there. We're still here and we're still praying. Elizabeth and Kyra are praying for you too.