Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Off to surgery for the Extraventricular Drain

She's sleeping now, waiting for the word that the O.R. is ready. As soon as they are, she'll be taken down, put under anesthesia, and receive the drain.

Please pray for strength & courage for her, and a complication-free surgery.

We're going to go eat some breakfast & get some fresh air. We've been told that there was some emergency procedure taking place in the O.R. and that it could be 15 mins before it's ready or it could be 4 hours. In any case, we'll let you know how everything goes.



Anonymous said...


I'm at work thinking about sweet little Alex and both of you. I have this on my wall right in front of me... When god leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust him fully and let go, only one of two things will happen, either he'll catch you when you fall, or he'll teach you how to fly. I love you. Grandma Kathleen

Kate said...

Hi to all of you!

Ever since Josh sent us the link to this blog, I've been reading it daily, multiple times a day, inspired by your story and courage. I had the wonderful opportunity of working at a camp for children with disabilities, many of them with SB. Jesus taught me about His love for all of His children there, and one of the most overwhelming things I learned was how he chose and prepared VERY special people to be the parents of His little children. Your story only strengthens and encourages this. Thank you so much for the way you are committed to following Jesus' plan for your lives, for the beautiful love you display, and the sensitivity and prayer you show towards each and every difficult and miraculous occurrence that comes your way. I am praying that you would see Jesus more and more every step of the way.

- Kate C.

Anonymous said...

praying hard. I know she will pull through beautifully. She has shown us all her strength and ability to fight hard and overcome the odds! We are struggling with you guys in spirit.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy and Nic,
I am thinking about all of you constantly! I hope all goes well with this surgery!

travis said...

We'll definitely say a prayer for strength & courage for Alex; in fact, we're also gonna go ahead ask the same the both of you. TDay&Vee

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, Nicole, and baby Alex;
I continue to think of you often & each time, I pray for you. I believe Alex is going to grow up with such strength (especially with you as parents and God as her Father.)
In His Love,
Ruth Craven

Anonymous said...

You are continuing to be in our thoughts and prayers...John and Marsha.

Anonymous said...

We will say an extra prayer for Alex tonight, as well as the two of you.
You continue to be in our thoughts & prayers,

Dave, Cheri & Anna

Anonymous said...

I have been away from my computer for almost a week and was unaware of Alex's return to the hospital until Gary called today. This must seem like a setback but remember God was not caught off-guard and is still faithfully taking care of your little one as HE continues all of your journies toward Him. Your response to and sharing of this time in your lives has affected and will continue to encourage so very many people. Our prayers are with you.

L Geppelt

Anonymous said...

I checked the blog a couple of days ago & nothing. I just assumed everything was going good! When I read the updates just now I feel overwhelmed with sadness! I know everything will be alright and I know how strong the two of you are but it must be so hard! Just know that we all love and support you guys! My thoughts and prayers are with you at this tough time. Love Ya! Jenene :)
P.S. We do a fund raiser for Children's Hospital every year & I am always very passionate about the cause. I have heard nothing but good things about it & hope your experience will be good as well.

Aunt Nadine said...

Nicole, Jimmy & Sweet Alex,

We are here...hope you can feel the love and support we are still sending your way.

Stay strong..

Love you three lots!

Aunt Nadine, Paul & Kylie

Gary Geppelt said...

Hi again guys,

Life many times is alot of hurry up and wait. Use those wait times to enjoy those around you and enjoy God who is with you.