Thursday, August 14, 2008

A New Day

Alex has been sleeping most of the morning and seems to be comfortable this afternoon. As Doctor Handler put it, she is behaving herself. We have learned to recognize the cues she gives when she's feeling pain and seeing them yesterday about broke our hearts. It's a huge relief to see her in better spirits today.

They have weaned her off the Fentanyl (pain killer she took after the surgery) and are giving her tylenol every 4 hours. Her red blood cell count is normal which means that they don't suspect any internal bleeding. This was a concern for the neurosurgeons as they felt that right after the surgery she drained a significant amount of fluid too rapidly which in some cases can cause a major headache and/or bleeding. Because of this incident, they will continue to monitor her progress, watch for infection over the weekend and postpone the shunt surgery until Monday. We'll keep you posted as things can always change based on how well she's doing.

Alex is tolerating her feedings through a tube today which is great news. One step closer. She is still on the ventilator and hopefully will be extubated tomorrow. She's struggling a little today with her heart rate dropping when lowering the rate on the ventilator but the nurses feel she just needs a little more time before removing it. That's about it for updates. Please continue to pray for a healthy and complication free recovery before her next surgery.



Kristine said...

still checking in on you guys & praying for a speedy recovery. Just remember one day at a time. All we have is the present moment. You are so right...Alex is in good hands (God's). I will be praying for you all tonight!

Claire said...

My heart broke reading about Alex's pain and can't even imagine how watching your child suffer affects you both. We are praying for you guys. Especially for little Alex, that the Lord would alleviate her pain completely and place a protective hand on her entire body inside and out to prevent infection, internal bleeding, pain,and anything that might even be a remote possibility. I wish I had magic words to make everything better, we all do I think. But God has that ability, to make it all better, and I am asking him tonight to do just that in your hearts, minds, and spirits. We love you guys, hang in there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jimmy and Nicole,

We are constantly thinking of and praying for you. So are my parents and their church in Michigan!

Love the Pettersons

Anonymous said...

We're thinking of all of you... wishing you the strength to make it through this. Glad to hear that Alex is in better spirits...we love you guys and send our love to little Alex!

Rachel & Jeremiah

Gary Geppelt said...

Jimmy & Nic,

You said it all; "One step closer". That is such a gigantic, life-lesson phrase. Life is a whole lot of "one step closers" (if that is a word). God many times only gives us just enough 'light' for us to be able to take that 'one step closer'.

At times when I am struggling and don't know what to do; when confused about the different options, I ask myself, "what is the one next right thing to do." This helps me focus on 1)what I can do (to not stew about what I can't do), 2)what is the next thing (to not stew about things way ahead of me) and 3) what is the right thing (to not get distracted by the easy thing or the pragmatice thing or ...).

You are doing great: you are trusting in God, you are loving each other, you have inclued an army of friends and supporters, you are growing in your faith, you are being perfected to become more Christlike. All the while, God has given you this new little-person to love and care for.

Love you guys,

Gary Geppelt

Anonymous said...

Jim & Nicole

Praying for a good morning, and that things will go good for the three of you. Just know that God has his plan. I know that you can get through, as you have gotten closer to God. Your family has brough so many people (family and friends)together. My heart just broke this morning when I saw what was happening to Alex.
Thanks for keeping us up to date with the postings.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy and Nicole:
Just a word of encouragement for you today. I am disappointed with the "setbacks" you and Alex have experienced this week, and I know not even a fraction as disappointed as you are. But remember that nothing has caught God by surpise, and His plan is to use even all this for His glory and for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes (that includes you). He is refining you guys with fire, of sorts, and will cause you to emerge on the other side stronger, sharper, and more useful for Him.


Pastor Dean

Josh Geppelt said...

Love you guys so much. It breaks my heart that little Alex is back in the hospital - but as Dean put it, nothing has supprised God. Continuing to pray for you guys and the little steps that Alex is taking to get back home!



Anonymous said...

Little Alex;
I'm looking at a picture of you that I printed off your parents blog. On your back, sleeping and looking peaceful. The picture is posted on my cubicle wall at work; it makes me smile. I say a prayer for you when I see it; this time for relief from pain and recovery.
Lord - you are her heavenly Father and love Alex more than I can ever know. Please bless her today. Heal her little body. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I just want to give you guys a big HUG and let you know you are always in my thoughts! Thanks for sharing your courage and strength with me. It makes me want to be a better person. To cherish the good things in life more and let all the petty lil things go! I hate knowing that your lil girl is suffering but she has a lot of love and support being sent her way! Thanks for reminding me that life is precious and we should never take it for granted! Love Ya! Jenene