Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Quick Update

Well, mommy and daddy have been busy today getting our little Alex ready to go home. There is a long list of things we have to do before Alex can be discharged. The plan is for her to go home tomorrow and the final weigh in will come sometime in the wee morning hours. She is not consistently gaining weight and was still under her birth weight as of last night. If she hasn't gained weight by early morning, she will not be able to go home tomorrow as planned. I think she must have heard the nurses talking about this yesterday because she woke up for most of her feedings today and was pretty much a rock star.

Alex also has to pass a car seat challenge before going home. Any newborn who receives oxygen during their hospitalization has to do a car set challenge. Alex will also go home on oxygen as many newborns do mainly because of the altitude. During the challenge, she is monitored for about 9omin while in her car seat to be sure she breathes well in that position. Alex had her first trail around 7pm. She fell into a deep sleep and her oxygen levels desaturated for more than 5 minutes. Because she didn't recover and bring her oxygen levels up on her own she did not pass. Her nurse plans on doing one more challenge with her after her next feeding and will increase the amount of oxygen she is receiving to see if that helps. We will find out in the morning if she passed.

That's just a quick update before we head to bed for some much needed sleep. We hope to post more tomorrow and can't wait to share about her homecoming!

Peace & Love


Anonymous said...

Praying that all goes well this morning, as I know how much you want to be home with our angel.. Thanks for keeping all of us up to date.Tell your mom thank you for the pic of Alex in that car seat as she looks like a peanut in it..

Love to All Three
Prays too

Anonymous said...

Prayers for the speediest homecoming possible, but also for great wisom in the decision on when that should happen - and also for you guys as you begin another chapter.

Pastor Dean

Be A Difference Maker said...

Good Morning!
I am happy to hear that she is getting into the eating part. As, your list of tasks get exhausted I pray it is goes smoothly and in a timely mannner. We can't wait to hear she is home with her Mommy and Daddy!
Much Love and many blessings,
Karly and Annamarie

Rachel said...

Can't wait to hear if Miss Alex passes all of her tests... she sure has a lot for a newborn:) My strength and prayers go out to her as she accomplishes these tasks! Love you guys xoxox

travis said...

We're praying for superior oxygen saturation and weight. TDay&Vee

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that you are busy checking things off that discharge list, but know we are praying for a speedy discharge home!

Krista, Eric, Lucy, and Calvin