Friday, August 8, 2008



yzerman said...

Looks like you're starting to enjoy some time at home. We're so happy that you're able to take some steps forward!


Andy and Kerri
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Gary Geppelt said...

Jimmy & Nicole,

Greetings from Tulsa - the land of the heat. Today, the high is about 85, but the last several days, it has been 100+.

It appears that you guys are enjoying having Alex home. I am sure 'home' is better than the hospital.

You guys have some things to pray about - to ask God to be involved with you for Alex's health and for your wisdom.

Praise God for the blessing of having the SB clinic just down the street.


plg said...

Glad you're able to get into a "home" routine instead of the hospital....absolutely gorgeous (baby, mom, dad & Nana Carol). Still sending prayers. love hugs & rainbows Aunt Panda

Cat said...

So good to see new pictures! She's beautiful!!

Cat =)

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Keep them coming.

Aaron, Rhonda and Evan

cynthia said...

How cute!!! I love your new ride Alex! You will grow out of it soon and will get to sit in a booster and look out the window like the big kids. Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

She's already trying to escape on the changing table--she and Lucy must be kindred spirits!

Glad you're home and enjoying it!

The Lavonas family

Jenene said...

You had us all so spoiled with all the updates. I know you are busy hope all is going well. Love Ya! Jenene

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby! what a beautiful and precious baby girl... I loved all the pictures. My favorite is Dad and baby looking to the stars! I am so excited to be invited into such a special and private time in your lives! Many many blessings to the three of you and the so many years of joy before you. I have two family members who were born with the same diagnosis, my cousin Debbie 55yrs ago and my great niece, just 4 years ago. They are both perfect! Much love from me to you... Shawn D.