Monday, August 4, 2008

The call from Dr. Handler

Ninety percent of SB kids need a shunt. After pulling the temp. shunt, all the docs and nurses are 90 percent certain our SB kid will need one too. These are not very good odds for us, nor have they been from the beginning. But it hasn't deterred us from praying that we're in that other 10.

When we talked to Dean (our Pastor and friend) about how to pray in situations like this, even when it looks like God's will may not be in line with what we want, he told us "there's absolutely nothing wrong with praying for the desires of your heart." And this is one we prayed many times - trust me. Sometimes the most difficult thing to ask for is that His will be done. We would have never prayed that our daughter go through this. But we have reached out to Him in faith, trusting that he has a significant plan for Alex's life. I think this is something everyone reading this blog knows without a doubt - there is something special about this child (tears well up as I type this).

She's touched so many lives, and she's barely a week old. This is something else I've prayed about, since the day she was conceived. When praying that God would help us to conceive a child, I wanted it it be on His terms, not just mine, praying that it would be a child of God (although not really knowing what that means. Like I said before - we're not really holy people, just 2 average people with an above average desire to experience God's love). In fact, I've never prayed for anything so much in my life as I have for this girl, and I can safely say the same of Nic. I've also never had so many people rallying behind me as now. It's an amazing feeling.

I know not everyone reading this is able to pray to God. Many of you simply think positive things for us, and wish us well, not even knowing if there is a true God. Maybe a "God, if you exist, please help them." I believe God answers these requests just as faithfully as those of "prayer warriors" and organized prayer chains, and I thank you for being on this journey with us. I hope someday this simple acknowledgment will turn into a real desire to find out who God is, because that's all it takes to find Him.

So...back to the terrible odds we've faced. 90 percent chance our baby will go through surgery this afternoon. We've been expecting the inevitable. But it happens that Dr. Handler just made the call that we're in the other 10 percent, and our baby Alex is going home without a shunt. Can you believe it? We're in awe, and don't even know how to express our joy.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. We'll def keep you updated on the details, and what we're to expect next as soon as we find more out. We love you all.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Yay! That's my niece!

Aunt Nadine said...

WOW! That is absolutely amazing, wonderful news! Our tears today are tears of PURE JOY! Rachel told me this a.m. and then your mom called, I just felt like jumping up and down and sharing this with everyone! It is impossible to put into words how happy we are to hear this incredible news! I can only imagine your JOY! Please give precious Alex a big hug and kiss from Auntie today. Kylie sends hugs and kisses too!

Love you lots,

Aunt Nadine

travis said...

Awesome news! We're very happy for all of you. TDay&Vee

Ann said...

Holy Cow!!

That is awsome news for a Monday morning. I was praying for you guys this morning on my way to work! WOW - I'm speechless (although you can't tell.....)

That is so so so cool! When do get to take her home! I'm just thrilled for all of you!

God is great!


Love you Ann-Colin-Lydia & Liam!

Cat said...

I'm speechless. I have no idea what to write other than I'm thanking the Lord. I'm just so excited.


Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you! God bless you all as you continue on this journey! What a sweet little girl Alex is!

Brad Meuli

Anonymous said...

Awesome news!! I've been checking in daily to see how you're all doing & even though I'm not close w/ Nicole, please know you are in my prayers!!
Lauren Heyl
(development @MOC)

Anonymous said...

The 3 of you are so very special to me. There are lots of people making a joyful noise today and thanking God for answering their prayers. My Grandaughter is strong willed as well as precious and beautiful.
Love always,
Nana Carol

Anonymous said...

. . .how shall he not with Him also freely (graciously) give us ALL THINGS?

Rejoicing with you,

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord, that is so so wonderful! Big tears of joy for all 3 of you, especially Alex! Yeah!


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shelby shuh said...

I just wanted to say that I am so extremely happy and excited for all three of you, especially for baby Hope. God is so good!! You will continue to be in my prayers. I am also very thankful to the Lord that you get to take your little baby girl home. That is wonderful!!!
Love and prayers,
Shelby Shuh

Anonymous said...

Praise God!

So glad that you all get to go HOME!


plg said...

Prayers do work!!!! Hurrah!!! Hurrah!!! Great news today

Love, hugs & rainbows
Aunt Panda

Be A Difference Maker said...

Praise be to God.
Answered prayer is such a blessing and twice a blessing when it is our hearts desire.
We love you very much. We are dancing with joy for your news.
Many Blessings,
Karly and Annamarie

yzerman said...

Wow, that's awesome! Sometimes these things progressively fall in and out of line with your desires. Looks like this one was in line for you and Nic. You'll never stop being in our thoughts and prayers,

Andy, Kerri and Zoe.

Anonymous said...

We share in your joy and gratitude! May God keep blessing your little one.

The Lavonas family

casey said...

with tears in my eyes...yippee!
Thanks to God! Great news. Thanks so much for sharing.
When does she get to go home?

Peggy Auten said...

I am so glad to hear that Alex is doing well and progressing. I am axiouse to meet her and hold her. Blessing to her and her family.

Peggy Auten

Anonymous said...

Praise God! Happy tears are flowing for that amazing news!

Anonymous said...

Yea God!!! And thank you, Lord, for your personal care for even the littlest of us,
In His Love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jimmy and Nic!

Great... wonderful, next to all the praying, bringing her home is the best thing!!!

I'll be at my home away from home tonite, Coors field... but can't wait til next season when Alex can come too!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, thats amazing....I had to read that sentence over and over to see if it was true. Congrats and safe journeys home to all 3, what an amazing kid you have....Taylor:)

Ritchy said...

Just heard of all your troubles and am thankful things have worked out for the two of you! As your neighbor please let me know of anything AT ALL I can do for either of you. May prayers be with you and hope to see you ALL home soon!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jimmy and Nicole,
I have not posted until now but want you do know that I'm checking every day several times and follow up on your journey. You may not remember me but we have been together in a few bible studies. Wow.....both of you have become faithful and mature servants of God. So amazing to see. Jimmy, you do such an awesome job to keep everyone up to date. I want you to know that your little precious baby girl "Hope" (perfect name) has brought new hope to me as I am going through a spiritual warfare. When I wake in the morning the first thing on my mind is you three. Throughout the day my thoughts and prayers are going to the three of you. And when I go to sleep at the end of the day, I find myself praying for "Hope" and you. God is using your precious little girl as an instrument to so many people in a sweet way (like Liz said before). It's so amazing. God is so good and I'm filled with Joy for all of you today. When I found out the good news this morning, I wanted to find a word from God for you to send your way. So amazing......I found myself reading in my bible most of the day. Here is what God showed me to encourage you: "For you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings," says the Lord Almighty.
-Malachi 4:2

-Psalm 91:11
For He will command his angels concerning you to guard and protect you in all your ways.

God bless you all
Love and Hugs
Tina and daughter Tashina

Linda said...

Tears of joy as we rejoice with you over little Alex's good news. HE who is THE GOOD NEWS has been so loving to answer your hearts desire. He has big plans for this little lady and it will be so much fun to watch as those plans unfold.


Anonymous said...

So I was reading the blog from today to Michelle over the phone (you know how she just likes to see the pretty pictures ha! ha!) Not knowing what to expect or what the day was going to bring for the three of you... When I read the news I was overwhelmed with excitement for you guys. I told you I would pray that she would beat all the odds. She is doing a good job so far. I also said if she was half as strong as the two of you, we had nothing to worry about and she is proving me right on that as well! I can't even express how happy I am! Can't wait to see her again! Love Ya! Jenene ;)

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news. Thank you God.

Aaron, Rhonda and Evan

Great Auntie Lisa said...

I got so excited over the news of no surgery I sent a blank text back to
Now the news that you all will be home together is even better.
You all are in my thoughts lots and lots. Kisses and squeezes for Hope from me and Selena.
Great Auntie Lisa

Tree said...

Jimmy! Nicole!
I finally got on. Sorry I haven't responded sooner. Life's crazy here, but nothing in comparison to how it's been for you. Thank you for sharing your trials and victories.
Sending you lots of squeezes.
BIGGEST hugs to Alex,
tree, Scott and Rowan