Wednesday, August 6, 2008

At home in bed

It's almost hard to believe she's actually home.


Al and Sus said...

So precious. We are so happy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home baby girl.
Good night, sleep tight.
God bless you.
Aaron, Rhonda and Evan

Anonymous said...

that is wonderful news! congratulations :)
Angie Nelson

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for the 3 of you. Hugs and kisses to Hope for me.
Aunt Lisa

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!!! God is so good.
I love you!
Sheri (SFC)

Anonymous said...

It's kinda hard to believe. Im goin to come visit soon! Hope you are all doing good!
~Auntie Natalie

Anonymous said...

Welcome home baby Alex!!!
That's great.I'll be visting you 3 soon. Hope all is well!!


Anonymous said...

She looks so peaceful and exactly where she belongs!XOXO LB

yzerman said...

Congrats! We're so happy that you're home is now blessed with Alex's presence. Can't wait to meet her!

Andy, Kerri, and Zoe

Aunt Nadine said...

So happy for the three of you, she is soooo precious and sweet! She looks so content and happy, like she is where she wants to be, home with mommmy and daddy.

Sweet Dreams...


Aunt Nadine, Paul and Cousin Kylie

Tasha said...

Jimmy & Nicole,

I just want to say, you two have a beautiful girl. Sorry, I was unreachable during this time. I am SO HAPPY she is home, and doing good. The three of you are in my prays.
WELCOME HOME BABY GIRL !!!! Hope Alexandra Diffee.
With all my love & prays, Aunt Tasha
p.s. Congradulations jimmy & nicole, you guys are outstanding parents. God Bless the both of you!!

Anonymous said...

Where's our update? I know you are busy but we need to know what's going on :) We need the play by play. ttyl
~Auntie Natalie

Anonymous said...

It is so great to hear that little Alex is home. I am so for you two. Now the real fun begins.: )Love you so much,

Anonymous said...

I have been out in NM on business since Sunday and just spent the last 30 minutes catching up. Man have a lot of great things happened since then. It sure is nice to be able to read this with tears of joys…

That is the most amazing picture I have ever seen. I can't tell you how big of an emotional relief/release it was to see her at home!