Sunday, August 3, 2008

Learning how to eat

It's morning, and we're about to head to the hospital to see our sleepy girl. Yesterday evening went really well. Alex is waking up a bit more & slowly learning how to eat properly. Of course a big part of that is actually waking up for long enough to do it, and she did much better yesterday. And we talked to Kim, our sweet nurse from last night who said she did well from the bottle overnight.

So we're in great spirits. Looking forward to another beautiful shunshiney day indoors. We took some great photos last night, and I'll post them once we get to the hospital and I have a bit more time.


Be A Difference Maker said...

Good Morning!
I know this has been said before. Thank you for sharing such a personal time in your life. You are truly awesome parents and your daughter is most precious. I am happy to hear that she is awake enough for you to feed her and have one more opportunity to bond with here. How wonderful is it to be in a place where health care is there to provide the care your little one needs. How wonderful is it that we can freely express ourselves about God and what a wonderful provider he is. And to be able to openly rally around our brothers and sisters in time of need and lift them up and support them. It has been beautiful to see so many rally around you in the this time. We as christian forget when someone is in crisis that they need more grace and support rather than judgement. I am so thankful for you two and how much of an example your are to your brothers and sisters. Prayer should be our choice for when we don't know what to do. If needed then the next step is fasting and prayer.
As I was out of commission for something as minor a cold or a flu, and my achs of my body from the abuse it has suffered from many automobile accidents. I laid their with your latest blog I read running through my head. About "helping" and for us to continue to pray, to let the little things go and love one another because you just never know when they might be gone.
That day I prayed the most. Every time I was frustrated and feeling discomfort. I prayed for precious little Alex. It gave me the strenght to fight through what I was going through. I am not even suggesting it is what you and the family is going through. It just gave me a different focus for that time of difficulty. I am feeling more ministered to from the faith of you two than I have been by any Pastor. When I was feeling better and started reading your blog again I felt compelled to share. You two are such a light for a lot of people right now. I want to say thank you for your faithfulness and your little "Hope".
(I apologize for the lenght of this. There was just a lot to share.)
With much love and many blessings,
Karly and Annamarie

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys!
Alex is a rock star! She did great last night! I hope you have a great day. I will be thinking of you Monday. No matter what happens (shunt or no shunt), you are strong as a family and getting stronger everyday. May you have a roller-coaster free week!
Nurse Kim
P.S. Jimmy-you have to be a little impressed, this is my first blog!

Jimmy said...

Jimmy and Nicole,

I just now read your entire blog. I want to congratulate you on the birth of beautiful Alex!!! What a blessing and miracle! Thank you for being transparent and sharing this journey w/ us. I was brought to tears many times. Your story is uplifting so many people in faith and love. I will continue to pray for Alex and her family.

Welcome to parenthood! :)

Amanda Smith (Jimmy's wife)

Anonymous said...

I've been praying for God to give me a specific word for your family. I know He did in the form of something Liz will share with you. But today, I heard from Him in 2 specific verses. They were also a word for me (isn't that just like God? :-) )

Romans 8:32 says (literally from the Hebrew translation):
He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall he not with Him also freely (graciously) give us ALL THINGS?

And Isaiah 53:5 says:
He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed.

I have a picture in my mind of Alex when I pray. She is lying in the hands of Jesus; with His scars clearly visible. He is watching, protecting, holding her. He loves her even more than you do, which is hard to comprehend.

He is holding you two as well.

Much love,

Jimmy said...

Such kind words of inspiration and consolation from all of you. Especially Annamarie. Please give Karly a big hug from us & tell her we miss her (and you too of course).

Tom and Megan Kelly said...

Nicole and Jimmy,

Thanks so much for keeping everyone updated. Alex is such a strong little girl and we're confident that God will see her through all of this. Meg and I are praying for you all.

With love,

Tom and Meg