Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bladder test - more wonderful news!

We are totally ecstatic. Alex continues to amaze us every step of the way. The results show that her bladder is functioning properly, and none of her urine is backing up. I can't tell you how relieved we are (pun unintended). Our prayers have been answered once again.

It's truly amazing, this journey we're on. And we couldn't have a better support group than the one we have right here. We'll know a bit more about the shunt possibility tomorrow after she has her head ultrasound. But things are looking very bright.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jimmy and Nicole,

Praise God for the wonderful news! She is such a precious little darling. You all are constantly in our thoughts and we are praying round the clock for you.

Thank you for the updates on the blog!

Sally and Ryan

yzerman said...

Whoa, that's awesome! She sounds like she's a tough little girl. BTW, you'll be amazed out how much pee and poo can excite you when you're a new parent. ;)


Andy, Kerri, and Zoe "Diaper Champ" Gingerich

travis said...

Excellent news! We're relieved over here as well. TDay&Vee

Anonymous said...

Dear Jimmy & Nicole ... I notice the timing of tonights news which came during the SFC Elders meeting where we prayed for all 3 of you specifically. Great news and we are reminded what a great God we have to help us through life's challenges. Rachel & I want you to know how special you are to us, and that we will continue of course to keep you lifted up. We cant wait for the next round of news and are anxious to see you when the time is right ... Our love to all ... John Anderson

Anonymous said...

Jimmy and Nicole,

We are so thrilled with the latest news. Alex is so precious and we can't wait to meet her. Our prayers are with all of you and thanks for keeping us informed of Alex's progress.

Rachel Anderson

Anonymous said...

Great news - praise God. Just got back fromt the elder's meeting where much praying was done for the family. God is amazing! We'll keep you in our prayers. Please tell us if there is anything we can do for you.

Eric, Marsha, Gabriella and Adam.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord from whom ALL blessings flow!!!
L. Geppelt

Anonymous said...

Dear Jimmy and Nicole

My feet no more than hit the floor than I am in to see how our precious angel is doing! Great news all the way around. Can't wait to hear about the scan this afternoon. My prays are always with the three of you.

Love you all
GrmaLee and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

way to go Alex!! Taylor:)

Ann said...

A smile, a hug!(for you) a happy dance and some tears of joy!!!..followed by another Huge Bear hug going out to you! (can't wait to do this in person) :)

God is awsome! I will keep praying for you and Alex! We love you guys! mmmmmmaaaaaaa!!!

Have an excellent day!


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!

Josh Geppelt said...

This is awesome! Praise God for an answer to prayer! Blessings on you guys as you revel in this excitement.