Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The power of prayer

We want to take a moment to thank all of you for your prayers - they seem to be working. Little Alex had a head ultrasound this afternoon to monitor the fluids in her brain. After reviewing the pictures, Dr. Handler determined they will pull the external shunt out tomorrow night and see if this has any effect on the fluid. If the levels stay in the normal range, she will not need a shunt (for the time being) and she could be home as soon as this weekend.

All of this goes to show how powerful prayer is, and we still need more of it. 90% of SB kids have shunts, many of them requiring replacements throughout their lives. It's still very possible that this may be a reality for Alex, and the rest of this week is a critical time in determining that.

But for now, this is wonderful news. Praise God.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this news truly is wonderful!

Please know we have been with you all everyday through this heart wrenching ordeal. We have been hesitant to post as you always want to have such words of encouragement and wisdom to share in such a time. However, I now realize it is more important that you all know we are here, love you all and care.

Everyday we cry with you all...Everyday we pray for you and Alex (and by “we” I do mean even Sadie in her nightly prayers, prays for her “baby cousin Alex”)….everyday I give God thanks for the blessings, healthy, (super sassy) wonderfully independent baby girl that he has been so kind to loan us. Our everyday lives could not but help be affected by what you all are experiencing. Just the other day I cried (buckets...not just a little bit) while watching Brother Bear 2. Yes, this is a cartoon and yes, Jody did wonder what had come over me. Our appreciation for life, love and family is rekindled 100 fold.

As I am sure you all have been told, hundreds of times, God never gives us more than we can handle. I know already that Alex will bring you all such joy, blessings and gratitude for life itself in the years to come. I know she will be a blessing to all that surround her, but most of all…. a daily ray of sunshine to her parents that had faith in all of God's promises. We all know there will be countless trials, but the things on which we need to focus are the joys and blessings that only a child like Alex will bring to us all. [As we have already seen by the rekindled appreciation us parents have for our children since her birth.]

Smile because God must hold you all in high regard to entrust one of his dearest children to you!! :D
We love you all and we are here with you…. Jody, Cilla and Sadie

Anonymous said...

Alex is a blessing and a joy to behold. When I look at her, my heart swells with love. She is so tiny and so adorable and a wonderful angel to gaze upon.
My heart overflows with love for all 3 of you.

travis said...

Prayers sent.

ddaunchet@mac.com said...

Nicole and Jimmy

Hi It's Danelle and Loronette this is a test. I have written to you before but I did it wrong and you never received our message. If I see this on the blog than I know I did it right this time. If I don't than Pastor Jimmy says to type it and send it to him and he'll forward it. I am not computer savvy :)

ddaunchet@mac.com said...

YIPPY! It worked. I only hope I can do it again :D
Congrats! You have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Loronette and I chuckled at the Hiccup video and it has become a favorite to watch. I can tell you that you have been on our hearts and minds since the announcement of Alex's birth. I know you have been very busy but do try to rest and take care of yourselves and each other. As a part of the Stapleton family we are rejoicing with you on every good report and praying for improving health and strength for little Alex.

Loronette and I send hugs and kisses to all.
Keep looking up because our strength comes from our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. He will and can do more than we can ever imagine or HOPE for in our lives.

I am going to sign off for now so you can get some rest. May the Lord keep you and give you peace. I look forward to seeing all of you again real soon.

Danelle and Loronette