Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just thought I'd send a quick update, as I hold our precious daughter in my lap. She's doing great- we think she must be a nightowl, since she was up and bottlefeeding all night, now snoozing all day. We're still able to bottlefeed her, she's able to manage it in her sleep somehow. Must take after her Mama.

Things finally seem to be levelling off on the rollercoaster ride. We know the ride's not over, but at least we're able to fall into a bit of a routine without many surprises. Dr Handler shd be back this evening to remove the temporary shunt, so pls pray that she will do fine without it.

It's so amazing how many lives we've touched with this site, as well as how many have inspired us with their kindness, love, and prayers. We had no idea this would turn into what it has. It (or shd i say you all) have played a crucial role in helping us get through this difficult time. We love and thank you so much. And we continue to look forward to reading and rereading your comments.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy and Nicole,
It has been a long time since I have seen either of you! Really since you left RB. You are two very brave and strong people. I wish you all the best and send all my prayers your way. I don't think I would be as strong as you two are if this were my son. You are very inspiring! Hang in there and give that girl a big hug! Mel

Anonymous said...

Nice tatoo, brings back some great memories

Fred and Karen said...

Jimmy and Nicole,

What a beautiful blessing you have received! This is such a testiment to God's wisdom and love that He would choose the two of you to have such a special child! Fred and I have been praying for you both for quite a while and we will continue to do so. Your strength, and faith are so admirable and inspirational. Can't wait to see your beautiful Hope! Fred and Karen Gowdy

Anonymous said...

With every picture she looks healthier and more beautiful. I am praying for you daily.
God has blessed you greatly.
All my love,
Sheri (SFC)

Ann said...

Doing a Happy Dance for you guys and little Alex.- thanks for the great news. Lydia has been saying some prayers for Alex- and has seen her photos on this blog- she said, "I can't wait to meet that baby mommy she is beautiful"

love you - :)

Josh Geppelt said...

Excellent! I will be praying that she will thrive without the shunt and that she can go home very soon!


Anonymous said...

She is an AMAZING little trooper, as are her mommy and daddy!! We continue to love you guys, and pray for continued good reports. You 3 are so very precious to so many people and I'm glad you're experiencing it fully. I cannot wait to lay eyes on that precious angel girl....Liz

Sheri said...

Nicole and Jimmy,

I have so much compassion for those with any form of Spina Bifida as in the case of your Dear Daughter Hope!

I myself have a form of it. I have Spina Bifida Occulta.

Each of us that are still alive no matter the degree that we have the condition can and do adjust and assimilate through different manners with the help of God! We are all still here because God has a plan for us!

Your Dear Hope is a Gift from God to the World... and She is already fulfilling many of the purposes that God planned for Her! She is a Blessing!

My Parents were very afraid and concerned for me when I was born and afterwards. They didn't know what the future held for me. There were alot of unknowns. It was very difficult for them with what they went through with me their own Daughter.

This takes courage from You as the Parents and courage from your Daugher! All of You including Little delicate Hope are very courageous right now! I commend each of you!

You are valient warriors Nicole and Jimmy! You are... Warriors for Christ, for rightousness, for your family and for your Precious Gift Hope Alexandra!

I love you!


Cynthia said...

This is my favorite picture. I come back to look at it all the time :) Cutie pie...