Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What's missing from this picture?

Dr. Handler came in & removed her temporary shunt a few mins ago. My little baby barely let out a cry. Then she promptly resumed snoozing. We got her fed, and now Nurse Krista is bringing her a pretty new big-girl crib. Progress...

Doc ordered another head ultrasound for Friday, so keep them prayers a-coming. Thanks for all the encouraging posts...they make our day brighter every time we read them.


yzerman said...

That's great news!! We loved the video of the hiccups. From day one until now, Zoe still gets the hiccups. :) Keep up the great progess, Baby Alex!! We will continue to lift you all up in prayer and can't wait to give you a big hug when we see you.

Andy, Kerri and Zoe

Sheri said...

That is wonderful to read about the Progress Hope is making! Thank you God!!! Thank you for the update Nicole and Jimmy! I will keep on praying for your Precious Daughter Hope and your Dear Selves!

*The joy of THE LORD is your strength! Nehemiah 8:10
*Stay Strong In the Lord as you are! Great job!

Anonymous said...

She looks sooooo precious - it has to be so difficult to not hold her all of the time - Love the posts on her progress as well as how mom and dad are doing - God is good - all the time!!!

Anonymous said...

Nicole and Jimmy - its early- Mark and David have just left for work and I was reading some of the postings that have been made and shedding tears of joy as I reflect on the journey that HE has layed before you. Last evening we attended a dinner for the graduates that attend our church and a man who works in Eureka Springs at the Passion Play shared with the group. He is a potter and he uses his skills and knowledge to share with people the analogy that God shares in His Word about our being the clay and His being the potter. He told us about the attributes of the clay and its needing to be yielding to the potter in order for it to take the shape that is intended for it. He also shared about the pressure that the potter applies in order for the clay to "center" on the wheel and be "established" for its form to take shape. As the potter applies pressure the "heart" of the vessel is enlarged as the walls take shape and are lifted up. The more pressure - the larger the heart - in turn the more it is able to give back. After the vessel has been formed it then has to go through the fire to strengthen it so that it does not crumble. The more heat- the more the surface reflects light. God wants us to reflect Him to those around us - are we willing to be molded as He wants and put through the fire in order to reflect Him??? Anyway, it was a wonderful explanation of God's analogy and I keep thinking about the old hymn that I grew up hearing in the Baptist Church -
"Have thine own way, Lord-
Have thine own way-
Thou art the potter-
I am the clay-
Mold me and make me
After thy will
While I am waiting-
Yielded and still."

God bless as He molds little Alex into a vessel for His use and as He applies pressure to enlarge your hearts for His service.
L. Geppelt

Anonymous said...

what a CUTIE!! Taylor:)

Jimmy said...

thank you for the wonderful story, Linda. I read it to Nic as she's nursing. Very comforting.