Monday, March 16, 2009

We are being discharged tonight

We are super excited our baby girl is coming home. The docs are working on scheduling all of her follow up appointments, first one being Wednesday morning. We don't have to worry about her going home with the feeding tube because she decided to pull it out this morning. So feisty. They also removed her PICC line today. She will go home on oxygen (not surprising) but will hopefully be weaned off of it soon.

Alex had a dog visit today from Gia who is part of the perscription pet program. Gia walked in and sat in front of Alex's chair waiting to be petted. Alex just stared at Gia (it was so funny to watch) and mommy had to step in and pet the dog for her. At least we got a cute pic :)


Jenene said...

That is awesome news! I bet you guys are excited. I'm so happy for you guys! Keep us updated on her progress. ;) Jenene

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! She is her own woman isn't she? Have a good evening at home :).

Love, Scott , Lauren, and Archer

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole and Jimmy,

I am so happy that you are bringing your sweet girl home!