Friday, March 13, 2009

Fat n sassy

Alex seems to be doing better with her bottle feeding today. She ate
almost 2 oz and is a happy girl. They decided for sure to have the
swallow study today at 2, so pls pray hard for her that it goes well.


Anonymous said...

awesome news - great start to a friday :) praying for the 2pm appt!
Lauren @ MOC

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear she is eating and I send my prayers for her swallow study. Look forward to seeing you guys, especially little Alex :)

Love-Cousin Rachel

Angie said...

we are praying!
Dan & Angie Nelson

Jenene said...

You show em what your made of Alex! I'm praying for you! Xoxoxoxo ;) Jenene

Anonymous said...

Bless that little angel! I think she will do fine on her swallow study. Good luck sweetie pie!

Grandma Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Warrior Princess Hope, now is the time to use your superpowers and show them how it's done when it comes to swallowing. PS - we are using THE superpower of prayer for you and your folks. Love you all, Nancy and Richard

Anonymous said...

Big and beautiful! Hope all goes well with the study!
~Auntie Natalie

Anonymous said...

I love that big o smile. I hope the swallowing study went good keep up the good work baby girl. Love Mrs.Leah