Saturday, March 7, 2009

A rough night, but a better day

the Masseuse
Alex's massage therapy

So it really seems like Alex is upside down in her sleeping patterns now. Last night when we left she was asleep (& had been for a few hours) - so we were hoping she would sleep well through the night. But when we arrived this morning we found out that wasn't the case. That she had been up and fussing nearly all night :(

We thought maybe it was because they hadn't resumed her feeds yet (standard protocol when there's a respiratory issue), but as soon as she heard our voices she completely calmed down. Of course this made us feel terrible for leaving her overnight. And, although she was calm, she was clearly mad at us - just glaring and refusing to smile. So we made it up to her by getting her out of bed & holding her. They also resumed her tube feeding this morning. All of this put her right to sleep & made everyone happy.

A big thank you
I know we've hit a pretty rough patch recently, but we've gotten through it with the help of all of you. I don't want to mention any names specifically for fear of leaving anyone out - there have honestly been so many of you doing kind things for us. But everything has been making a huge difference to us, from the awesome care package to the yummy meals; from family visits to the dedicated bloggers letting us know you're there every step of the way. Thank you all so much. We're incredibly blessed to have such loving friends & family surrounding us.


Anonymous said...

Alex is such a sweetie. Of course, I'm not there to receive her "attitude" when she is mad. Fortunately, she doesn't stay mad long, and all it takes to make her really happy is lots of Mommy and Daddy loving.When you know you are making her happy, the feeling is pure joy.
I love you all,
Nana Carol

Kathryn said...

Keep your chins up. Life is all about baby steps. She has proven to be a fighter and each day will give you something, no matter how small, to know that she is getting better. A pissy attitude is always a good thing in these situations:)Love to you guys.

Anonymous said...

she has taken HUGE steps so far, hopefully you guys are about to crest over the hill and be in the home stretch! Keep up the positive attitudes and know there's still lots of us praying for you guys and cheering little Alex on and right out of that hospital! Hang in there


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you holding her. Can't wait until I can see you holding her at home! (I'm sure you can't either!!)

Love you guys and still praying too...that God will give you the strength you need for each day.


Anonymous said...

Hope your little button is feeling better soon--she seems pretty feisty, which will be a good thing in the long run! Our prayers are with you.

Krista and Eric (and Calvin and Lucy)