Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Surgery went well

Alex is out of recovery and doing great. The valve on her shunt was not working so they replaced it and she should be good to go. The plan is for her to go home tomorrow. This might be the shortest stay yet.


Anonymous said...

Great news!! Cyn GW

Lacy said...

Oh, I was sad to see the post that Alex was having a shunt revision. It's so not easy to be a special needs parent. One day things can be going fine and the next downhill again. There are just days you want everything to be fine and normal but have to face the reality that it just never seems to end. God is with you guys and giving you the strength and energy you need. You are doing a great job and in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for His mercy and healing. My heart ached as I read your previous blog about your feelings. Those feelings are real,perfectly normal, and need a place to go. Please feel free to share even the dark, dark feelings. No one reading these blogs needs to be "protected". We feel so helpless as we wait with you. The one thing that we can do is "listen" and carry those burdens to the Father. Remember, Moses who spoke to God face to face needed others to lift his arms at times. Let us help lift..... We love you all, Nancy and Richard

Anonymous said...

Hoping for a short stay! Glad surgery went well! There are angels watching that precious baby! As well as her parents. Keep the faith and hold strong.
~Auntie Natalie

Anonymous said...

Praise God! I keep praying for you guys.



yzerman said...

We're so glad the surgery went well! We hadn't read the blog for a week and were so sad to see her having troubles again. As always, your in our thoughts and prayers.

The Gingerich's