Monday, May 18, 2009

Camping and stuff

It's long overdue for a post and if you follow our blog you know that once we get home from a hospital stay it takes us a few days to settle and establish a routine (and update our blog). We got home Tuesday evening and the first thing Jimmy did was mow the lawn. Why am I sharing this? Well, just smelling the fresh cut grass made being home a sweet reality. We were no longer confined to a small room with a window we could only look out of. Being home was a blessing and we were once again reminded to never take anything for granted.

We were home for two nights before we took off to the mountains for our first camping trip of the year. We had a good time, although it was not entirely the relaxing getaway we had hoped for. Alex was teething and very cranky which made us paranoid that it might be something more. Her fussing was worse at night so we really didn't get much sleep. Just to be on the safe side, we packed up and headed home on Saturday afternoon.

It turned out to be a good thing we did, because Saturday night she came down with a high grade fever, so we took her in to the ER. We had a pretty good feeling it was another UTI, and were proven right - even though it meant being at the hospital until 4:30 am. We were sent home early Sunday morning with some antibiotics to treat the UTI. Jimmy and I have been taking turns sleeping and Alex is working on catching up on her sleep too. She's feeling a little bit better today, although she did have another cranky spell for an hour or so today.

So all in all, we're taking steps forward, just not without taking a few steps back. But at least we're not in the hospital :)


Lacy said...

Thanks for the update. Are they able to put Alex on a low does of antibiotics always to help with the UTI's? My uro suggested if Autumn ever gets one to do so and we won't have to keep battling them but thankfully she has not gotten one yet. ;) Glad you are all home and please Alex let mommy and daddy stay home for good this time. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. Maybe you'll invite us sometime ;) Cant wait to see my niece!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to get away for a minute sorry it wasn't as peaceful as you were hoping. Hope Alex is getting better and you are all settled back in. Talk to you soon. Jenene;)

Lauren said...

So glad you were able to enjoy a little time sleeping amongst the trees with Alex. Hope you can do it again soon, Alex will be a great little camper. So happy that you are able to be at home still.

Love to you

Anonymous said...

Those camping pics sure brings back memories. I spent many days in a camper with Jimmy. Maybe that is why he loves it outside so much.
You all look so happy getting all that fresh air.
Nana Carol

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're still at home, but sorry for the poor poppet's UTI.


tam said...
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tam said...

glad very thing is going well. when tyler had to many uti's he was put on an antibiotic daily he hasnt had a uti in over a year. might be something to discuss with your doctors. hope you and your family have a long stay at home. hopefully i will get to see you family soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you guys got to go camping this weekend. will you give Alex my love I will be happy to see alex again. Love Mrs.Leah

Anonymous said...

Look at you guys! That is so fun and I am so glad you got out of the little room to the great outdoors and camped! :)
You are all so wonderful...have a great week!

--Brittany Anderson---