Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Space Monster

Alex has been cranky most of the afternoon and has turned into a little space monster. She has her favorite gown on with koala bears in spaceships. We are all tired from a lack of sleep last night and her head is probably sore coupled with a new tooth coming in. She always likes to take on multiple things at once. She did get a really small dose of morphine in recovery but they say most kids just need tylenol after the surgery so that's what she's getting. They made two small incisions on the right side of her head where her shunt is and they don't look too bad. We are just thankful they don't have to shave her head!

Some have asked how we knew her shunt was malfunctioning and although the symptoms can be varied and sometimes difficult to spot, Alex's signs were very obvious. The biggest clue was feeling how full her fontanel (soft spot) was and she was just not herself. She was very irritable, tired and inconsolable at times and she started vomiting in the evening. It was also pretty apparent that she had a headache because she was very sensitive to light and sound and she kept her eyes closed. All very classic signs that there is a blockage going on with the shunt causing pressure in the head and changes in behavior.

We want to say thanks to everyone for their kind words and prayers the past 24 hours. What a great team of supporters we have rallying with us and making sure we are not alone in this journey. With the surgery now behind us, our spirits are lifted and we have a sense of relief. Let's just hope that Alex catches a break this time.


Josh and Claire said...

I am so glad that surgery went well. My heart is so heavy as I read your words Nicole. I agree with another post, don't be afraid to share your frustrations...let us hold you, Jimmy, & Alex's arms up as you continue on this journey. I am praying that the Lord will take the energy spent praying for you guys (as SO many people are) and infuse that into all of you...sounds corny but I believe God is big enough, and good enough to do it! We love you guys and think of your often.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Alex is doing good now. Nicole&Jimmy you guys keep the faith. Give Alex my love I will continue to pray for you guys that your journey goes will. Love Mrs.Leah

Anonymous said...

She is def a multi-tasker :) Glad she is doing ok. Hoping for a fast recovery. Love you guys so much!

Anonymous said...

Hey just wanted to let you know I didn't forget about you all.. I'm glad that alex is doing ok..I'm still praying for you guys..

Anonymous said...

glad to hear her surgery went well - praying for a fast recovery & some rest for you all!
Lauren Heyl

Anonymous said...

I pray for Alex every night just like Alli. they are little miracles!
Alli was so much like Alex at this age it is so similar it is kinda scary!
I just hope you both know it will get better Alli is stonger than ever but because we were in den. for 3 shunt revisions last year I don't take one fever or head measrurement for granit. Try to focuse on the good times and the bad times seem to go alot faster.
Nicole if you ever need to vent I am a great listener. lots of thoughts and prayers sent your way!
Amber Duncan 406-245-4231

Anonymous said...

Alex, I'm glad you are feeling better. Cranky is good. Smiling is better but we can deal with cranky.I love you three and pray for you daily. Nicole and Jimmy, I think you are fantastic parents.
Nana Carol

Cynthia said...

Space monsters are awesome! Glad you are feeling better :)

Anonymous said...

She can be grumpy with Lucy, who is also getting 2 teeth this week. Glad to hear things went well--Calvin said a little prayer for Alex at dinner.

Krista and Eric