Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eat your veggies

Today was a pretty good day. Alex only needed to be suctioned a couple of times and was doing well with less O2. I feel like we might be getting close to going home. The highlight of the day was Alex actually eating her veggies, since she's been spitting them out lately.

She's been a little more sleepy than usual, which we're thinking could be her going through a growing spurt. We're just hoping it's growing up, instead of out ;)

Anyway...we just put her down for the night so we are headed home.

The Diffees


Anonymous said...

Hope things were better last night. I'll try to call today and check in on y'all.


Anonymous said...

Great news and I pray she continues to improve. I know you would love to have your baby girl home on Mother's Day. I hope it's going to be a pretty day there. Wish I could just fly up for the day. But someone borrowed my jet for the week end.
Nana Carol