Friday, April 10, 2009

Good night, bad day

It's always good to hear that your baby did well overnight when you call in the morning to check in. Although It's hard to leave Alex, going home and getting a good nights rest really helps us all and gives us the energy we need to get through each day. Usually by the time we leave the hospital at night, one of us is already crashed on the couch or in a chair.

Alex remains stable and it's looking like she will be here for a few days. So far it's been a stressful day and Alex can't seem to get comfortable. I don't know if she just feels awful or if something else is wrong but she is nowhere near her cheery self. She been fighting her sleep for hours and she's wearing down so I'm hoping she'll be able to get some rest this afternoon.

It's nice to see all the comments today and we appreciate the prayers. Keep them both coming - we could use some encouragement.


Anonymous said...

Thinking about you guys! I wonder if the Easter Bunny will be making his rounds at the hospital....?! (I can just see him hopping around there... too funny!) Here's to a speedy recovery!

-Nickie (@ Denver Options)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Easter Bunny will leave some cheer for Alex. Prayers and love for all 3 of you.
Nana Carol

Aunt Nadine said...

Alex is a feisty little fighter, I think she will send this virus packing very soon!
Our thoughts and prayers are with you...

Love to all,

Aunt Nadine

cynthia said...

I'm praying for you guys. I hope everything is better soon. you guys are the best parents ever!

yzerman said...

Winning the Triple Crown usually lands you on ESPN, so I'll be watching for her tonight

Anyway, as always, we're thinking about you and your amazing strength. Many blessings this weekend.

Andy and Co.

Anonymous said...

So sad to see her back in the hospital :( but I am glad she is a fighter :) Stay Strong.

Lots of Love
Lauren, Uly, Alexis & Isaac

Anonymous said...

Thinkin about you all! Praying this stay is short!

Anonymous said...

praying for a short stay, and a quick recovery! hoping that you guys get some extra special cheer and blessings this weekend!


genell said...

my heart and prayers go out to all three of you. i know personally what a stresseful life it can be when things go well one day and to hell the next. but angels are watching over all of you and brighter days are ahead.
love you
aunt genell