Friday, March 23, 2012

Home sweet home

Alex is rockin it at home

 This is how we divide and conquer  


Lin said...

I'm glad to hear that Alex is home again! Grace will be getting her G-tube next week. Her feeding just isn't consistent enough to keep using the NG-tube now and then. The G-tube will be much easier. She's also getting tubes in her ears and they are going to check out her lungs with a small camera while she under anesthesia.

Wendy said...

Stacey and I have been waiting to hear about our little Alex! So glad to hear that she is home! We miss her sweet little face on our bus and her telling me "Don't you have a job to do!" Hope to visit her again soon - maybe after spring break! Tell her Stacey and Wendy say "hi!!" and I'll bring the bus back!!! Take care!


Lauren said...

Adorable little ladies!


Cat said...

They're so sweet!