Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's mostly about craziness

So we've been remiss in posting (again) but rest assured we haven't forgotten about our blog. So what's new with the Diffee's you might ask...we'll a lot actually. Things have been a little nuts with us since I started working again, then school started and then factor in all the day to day stuff and we are lucky if we have time to shower or have clean clothes to wear. Ok, I have been able to keep up on laundry, however, the clean clothes never seem to make it past the laundry room into our closets so it gets tricky. We've had some minor babysitting issues: our sitter gave us her notice so we are in the midst of searching for someone to care for the girls again.

On a happy note, I have survived the first 8 weeks of nursing school. Did I mention it's an accelerated program? I didn't know it was possible to cram so much stuff in your brain in such a short amount of time but I'm doing it and just hope that I retain it all by the time I'm finished. I also survived and passed my final clinical exam that consisted of a head to toe basic exam along with a randomly picked focused exam. Basically we are in a lab setting which is set up like a hospital room and we have to assess and examine our patient (a fellow nursing student) while someone is watching our every move with a clip board in hand. It's pretty nerve-racking but we have to pass it before we can be set free as student nurses in clinical rotations coming up soon.

Spring break was this week and I did manage to squeeze in a weekend trip to Chicago with some girlfriends (in honor one of my best friends who's getting married soon!) which was amazing. I feel like I'm crazy most of the time so it was nice to feel "normal" for a few days =)

Jimmy is super dad and for those you who know him, it's no surprise. I can walk in the door at 8:00pm and Jimmy is cooking dinner, holding sissy in one arm, feeding Alex with the other and will ask if I want a glass of wine. Of course he is calm and collected and I guess that's just his nature. On that note, I'm going to get back to studying. Jimmy will post a video of Alex in her wheelchair and give an update on the girls later today =)

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Anonymous said...

Jimmy is super dad and you are super mom... you both do sooo well. Of course those girls are my super granddaughters!!!!
Love you
Nana Carol