Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Update

Just wanted to post a few pics and let everyone know we're doing ok. As with most people during the holiday season, we're super busy. Not so much with shopping and holiday parties but more with work, doctor appointments, therapies and keeping up with things at home. Alex is getting over another UTI and having tests done since she has completely fallen off the growth chart. Don't know too much at this point other than she will be seen at Children's in January for further testing. She's also gotten the flu shot, H1N1 and synagis shot for RSV. Actually the synagis is a once a month shot at a special clinic so she has another one scheduled for tomorrow. I think we've built up our defenses the best we can so we'll continue the lock down and pray she stays healthy. Say a prayer for us because the lock down situation is very challenging at times and can make us feel isolated. We know it's temporary so we try to focus on that and really look forward to warm weather.

Alex has a few teeth coming in and loves to chew on her oxygen tubing so thought we'd post a few pics. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and may the new year bring us all Hope.

The Diffees


Anonymous said...

Thanks for finally posting! I've missed Alex... she's looking good and so are mommy and daddy! Love you guys:)

Cousin Rachel

Monkey Momma said...

Y'all, she gets prettier and prettier every time I see her. :-)

God bless you during the holidays. I will say a prayer right now for strong immune systems and a peaceful holiday...

Anonymous said...

Still looking good Alex! I hope the appointment in Jan brings some answers about her growth. Regardless, she is still and always will be an angel! Love you!
Auntie Natalie

annie said...

merry christmas, sweet family! thinking of you all, wishing you the very happiest and healthiest. meowmeow! annie and eben.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures. Thanks for the update. Merry Christmas, looking forward to sharing Christmas v-chat.
Love you all,
Nana Carol