Thursday, December 25, 2008

The best gift of all

Alex is doing great and we are so thankful she is healthy and able to be home for the holidays. We spent Christmas Eve with family and it was such a special first Christmas with our baby. Right when we started opening gifts her eyes got really heavy and she fell fast asleep. She slept through momma and daddy opening all of her gifts!

Alex finished taking her antibiotics and had her PICC line taken out last Friday. We were excited to give her a bath in her tub since we had been giving her sponge baths she since she came home. She has a couple of follow up visits at Childrens coming up the next couple of weeks including a visit to the spina bifida clinic. We've also introduced her to cereal although she is very weary about eating from a spoon and spits most of it out :-( Guess we'll keep trying.

No other news to report, just enjoying parenthood and many firsts!

Wishing you all Blessings in the New Year


Julie said...

Hi! Merry Christmas!! I am so happy to see that Alex is doing well. She is such a strong little girl to have endured so much during her first few months of life. I hope she continues to make great improvements. Maybe next year she will be awake during the opening of her gifts :) I will continue to keep you guys in my prayers. I would like to read about Alex's progress so please keep posting pics and comments. I will not be seeing you guys at church for I have graduated from school and have moved back to Georgia. God Bless,
Julie Addis

Anonymous said...

Nic, Jimmy, and Alex:
I haven't checked the blog in a while, so I was very sorry to hear about the infection and hospitalization. I am glad to hear she is feeling better. She looks amazing! Glad to hear her first Christmas went well. My best wishes for a very blessed New Year. Bigs hugs to Alex!
Nurse Kim
St. Joseph Hospital NICU

Anonymous said...

Nic, Jimmy, and Alex
The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing. I really wanted to share Christmas with you and missed you all very much. I'm already looking forward to next Christmas. Give our baby a big hug for me.
Love from our house to yours,
Momma/Nana Carol

Anonymous said...

Jim,Nic,and Alex:
Well here it is New Year's Eve morning and I just looked at the new pics and wanted to cry for joy she looks so cute in all of them. Glad to hear that our angel is doing so well. I will keep you all in my prays. Sorry we missed talking to you all at Christmas time. Wishing you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

genell said...

Hope is so cute in her Santa outfit. when she turns 3 or 4 you won't be able to get her to go to sleep Christmas EVe and you will look back on time she slept through opening gifts and laugh.
with all you 3 have be through I am glad you rejoice in the little steps forward to a brighter time as she grows. Rejoice in the little things like a bath in a tub rather then a bed bath and the big things like being home and not in the hospital on a holiday.
love aunt genell

Anonymous said...

No New Years Pics yet. Just want to wish you all a Happy New Year.
Nana and Poppop and Uncle James